Caregiver mindfulness; your health matters too.

When your enter a relationship you don’t think about one day becoming a caregiver. Nor do you consider that persons qualities with regard to being a caregiver to you. Then with marriage the relationship becomes a new entity. You are sharing your life with this person. You WILL become a caregiver in some way. As you grow older together, illness may come up. In some cases that illness can be life altering. You find yourself thinking of safety, medications, therapies. In the process of making sure your partners health is being managed well, something gets lost, forgotten. You.

Its vital for the person in the caregiver role to remember that their health is just as important. In some ways, you must consider what would happen to the care of your partner, if you, as their caregiver, became ill. This puts added stress on recovery for the caregiver as they feel compelled to keep up the pace on the care they are giving to their partner, while being ill themselves.

This is why it is so important to keep healthy habits in place. Remembering to eat right, exercise and get enough sleep. Practices such as yoga, meditation and spiritual mindfulness can help keep the caregiver in a positive place. This positive place is the place from which our best care giving comes. We remember the nature of the relationship. And radiate out to our partner that pure healing energy. Keeping our body, mind and spirit nurtured keeps our care strong and positive. It silently shows the partner on a day to day basis, that they are in good hands. Releasing stress and giving them space in which to heal and live a vital life.

Being knowledgeable and aware can help with creating a basis for care that considers all aspects of life. Its not just all about medications and therapies. Its about quality of life. Quality of the spirit both of the relationship and each individual. Remember to engage in things that bring joy to both of you. Life life together beyond the illness. Keep positive and remember, you and your bond is in charge, not the illness. If you keep a life of ease and positive energy you triumph over DISease.