Need Help? Are you asking the right questions?


Do you need help with your health? I run across people every day who are frustrated because they need help and just don’t know to find information they can use. In my mind, first I’m thinking “Are you asking the right questions? Have you looked in unusual places for answers?,” then I start asking questions.

I do a ton of research for myself, friends and family members. I try many things and read about many methods, recipes, ideas and weed through ill advised “advisors” who say their way is the best. I love to learn as much as I can about anything I’m researching. I also want to know whats out there when people say, “I read online that…”
My research may be about a specific health concern, a new homesteading skill set, or well, just about anything.

I will never say that one way is best. I will give the pros and cons as I see them, given my experience and the results either I or people I’ve helped have experienced. Why it worked for them. I will discuss how it could work, given a certain set of facts and will leave it up to you to see if your set of facts matches up.

I have been told that I know a lot about what I am sharing. My joy comes from sharing what I have learned, experienced and seen with my own eyes. At the end of the day I’m happy helping people with their health. There is always mystery in the world. That’s what drives me. To figure out what works, why its different for person A from person B and file for when I meet another A or B, or even C, D, etc.

I am a Certified Herbalist, Certified Nutrition Counselor,  Reiki Master, 3rd degree, Certified Massage Therapist, artist, and hold a Bachelors degree in advertising, graphic design, product design and marketing. I’m still learning. I’m currently actively researching homesteading skills like gardening, animal care, and green energy. Currently my knowledge set centers around health. But that is growing every day!

I have personally seen and been “treated” by doctors, even specialists, and other professionals who’s knowledge was limited in it’s approach. I don’t live by limitations. I don’t believe in them. If a solution doesn’t come by one method, then the answer must lay deeper, in an area we haven’t considered. (Just because something is presenting a set of physical symptoms doesn’t mean that the answer comes from something physical.) That’s why I ask a lot of questions. You sometimes have to dig deep. But those questions, just the asking of them, can bring an ah ha moment of clarity, that voice in the back of your mind that says “OK, now were getting somewhere!” or “Wow, that really feels right.” It’s not always easy, but sometimes I have to ask the hard questions to get to a solution.

Ultimately, I want to be here for you. To help weed through things and help you answer for yourself those hard questions. I want to see you find a solution. I am always open to answering questions and pointing folks in a direction that might be different than where they’ve been looking. Feel free to email me with questions, and I’ll help.





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